Graduation project from School of Design in Kolding, Denmark (2000)
Prototypes: Compostable disposable table ware made from
carrots, leeks and cabbage.
Design: Anne Bannick

This dinner plate was brought about from a fascination of pre-plate history. Food was served on a slice of bread and the meal ended with the bread being eaten. There was made a »clean sweep of it« - no washing-up!

This material is a product, obtained of what is left over in the process of cutting vegetables for tinned food. These vegetable fibres are then moulded into plates, each of them having its´own colour and intense physical uniqueness.
The idiom of the dinner set refers to the shapes of the human body and the cavities that are created between the breasts, in the lap or in the palm. The shape of the plate makes it very functional, especially while eating when standing up. It simply »fits« the body.

After the meal you can actually eat the tableware!

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